2019 Secondary Schools’ Public Speaking Competition

This competition requires students to speak on a subject of their choice inspired by a broad ESU nominated topic connected to ESU’s philosophy. The specific 2019 Heat nominated topic for each level is below. Students in the Grand Finals will speak to new nominated topics for the required Prepared and Impromptu speaking section. Each student will receive valuable oral feedback on the night of speech presentation.

DATE: Senior (Yrs 11-12)

Heats: Monday July 22 2019

TOPIC:  If you do not get out of the box you were raised in, you cannot know how much bigger the world is (Angelina Jolie) Prepared Speech Length:  5 minutes.

Grand Final: Monday August 5 2019

Closing Date: Monday 15 July 2019


DATE: Intermediate (Yrs9-10)

Heats: Monday 14 October 2019


TOPIC:  Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom (Roger Bacon) Prepared Speech Length:  4 minutes

Prepared Speech Length:  4 minutes

Grand Final: Monday October 28 2019

Closing Date: Monday October 7 2019


DATE: Junior (Yrs 7-8)

Heats: Tuesday October 22 2019

TOPIC:  Everything that irritates us about others can lead to an understanding of ourselves (Carl Jung) Prepared Speech Length:  3 minutes

Grand Final: Monday November 4 2019

Closing Date: Monday October 14 2019


VENUE:           ESU House 6/249 Coronation Dr Milton (Cnr Park Rd). 2nd Floor)

HEAT TIMES: Estimated 5.30pm; 7.30pm (to be advised dependent on numbers).


SPECIAL NEEDS:   For students with documented and acknowledged hearing, learning, physical, intellectual and/or visual disabilities, appropriate arrangements can be made for the competition. Please advise the Public Speaking Coordinator of any such disabilities on the entry form, prior to the competition.

PRIZES: Students in all age divisions are competing for certificates and cash prizes donated by the English-Speaking Union Queensland and ESU sponsors. The Winner of each of the Senior & Intermediate competitions will receive a $250 cash prize and the Winner of the Junior competition will receive $100.Second & Third Prizes in each of Senior and Intermediate competitions will be $100 and $50 respectively. Second & Third Prizes in the Junior competition will be $50 and $30 respectively.


ENTRY COST: Prepared Speaking for all divisions $15.00


Speakers in the Grand Final are expected to be in attendance for the whole evening. Please contact esu@Lrv.net.auor 0423295721 to speak to the ESU Public Speaking Co-ordinator.

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