ESU Qld Aims and programs

The ESU (Qld) is a non-for-profit organisation lead by a board, supported by members and volunteers. Ms Ann Garms OAM is the President and is supported by seven Directors (link from directors to ESU board page). We run an active program of events (link events to the events page) throughout the year in support of our vision and focus. Our programs create, empower, enrich, encourage and transform.


Our Vision

promotes global understanding and human achievement through the shared use of the English language.


Our Focus

  • Empowering through communication
    –  Public Speaking Competitions – Juniors and Seniors
    –  The annual Churchill lecture dinner
    –  A series of cultural awareness conversations
  • Enriching human endeavour through performance
    –  The annual Roly Sussex Short Story Competition (link to Roly Sussex Short Story main page)
  • Creating educational Partnerships
    –  Youth exchanges
    –  International scholarships
  • Partnering like-minded organizations
  • Transforming human bonds
    – Youth mentoring scheme
  • Social and Cultural involvement
  • Encouraging appreciation of Heritage and History
    – Cook Terrace Cottage Conservation

Membership is open to all (link from membership to the membership main page)

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