2021 Secondary Schools’ Public Speaking Competition SE Qld

The English-Speaking Union (Queensland Branch) 2020 Public Speaking competition will be held in 2021.

This competition requires students to speak on a subject of their choice inspired by a broad ESU nominated topic connected to ESU’s philosophy. The specific 2021 Heat nominated topic for each level is shown below. Students in the Grand Finals will speak to new nominated topics for the required Prepared speaking section and then an Impromptu speaking section. Each student will receive valuable oral feedback from our judges on the night of speech presentation.

Senior competition( Years 11&12)
Heats: 19 July 2021

Topic: “I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better.” – Plutarch

Final: 9 August 2021


Intermediate competition( Years 9&10)
Heats: 5 May 2021

Topic: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

Final: 17 May 2021


Junior competition( Years 7&8)
Heats: 10 May 2021

Topic: “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.”  – Plutarch

Final: 24 May 2021


Competition Closing Dates:
Closing Date: Monday 3 May 2021
Closing Date: Wednesday 28 April 2021
Closing Date: Monday 12 July 2021


Entry Payment Details
Please deposit the required amount ($15 per student entry) into the following account, using your surname as your reference number – Westpac Bank: BSB 034-086 | Account No 169442 Account Name: English Speaking Union
Then email a copy of your direct deposit receipt to esuqld@gmail.com

Should your school be paying on behalf of students please email esuqld@gmail.com to request an invoice.


Venue Change
The 2021 Public Speaking competition venue will be the Newmarket Hall, 212 Ashgrove Avenue, Ashgrove.
Schools have also received, via email, details of the 2021 competition.


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