ESU Board

President                            Emeritus Professor Roly Sussex

Vice President                   Mr Richard Macedo

Secretary                            Mrs Jan Heffernan

Treasurer                            Mr Ray Heffernan

Director                               Professor Caroline Hatcher (QUT)

Director                               Mr Ross Brodie

Director                               Mrs Jan Heffernan

Director                               Mr Robert Goes

Director                               Ms Majella Stevens

Director                               Mr Gary Gardiner


Directors take a lead responsibility for various performance areas to ensure the vison and programs of ESU (Qld) achieve best benefit for members. In brief the assigned areas are:

Roly Sussex                      Leadership, events program and Roly Sussex Short Story Competition
Richard Macedo              ESU representative on the Cook Cottages body corporate, legal guidance and Building
Jan Heffernan                  Corporate Secretary
Ray Heffernan                 Treasury
Caroline Hatcher              Public Speaking Coordinator
Ross Brodie                      Events program
Jan Heffernan                   Public speaking
Ray Heffernan                  Membership
Gary Gardiner                   Marketing

Directors positions are voluntary and directors are involved across a multitude of functions.


Other key personnel

Honorary Solicitors            Kristan Butler Partner, McCullough Robertson.
ESU (QLD) Auditor             Jessica Galvin CroweHorwath
ESU (QLD) Chaplain          Rev. Bill Pearson RANR

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