A digital newsletter for members

The Covid-19 event has caused the postponement of our social and cultural calendar for a number of months. Until the public health situation clarifies, the Board of the English-Speaking Union (Queensland) has decided to start a monthly digital event for members with items of interest from the field covered by our mission, which is promoting international understanding and human achievement through English. The goal is the enjoyment and understanding of excellent pieces of English in usage.

This digital newsletter will be called rESUmption. It will be emailed to members and friends. It will appear once every month, and will offer members either written examples of English, or audio or video examples via links to websites. Members can contribute comments and discuss aspects of the current material through the ESU Queensland Facebook page:
The English-Speaking Union Queensland
We strongly advise members to learn how to use Facebook for this purpose. It’s straightforward, and will allow us to develop a lively ongoing forum.

Through these means we aim to keep members in touch with the ESU and with each other, as well as to explore aspects of written and spoken English, at least until the Covid-19 restrictions on public meetings are lifted.

Enquiries or suggestions to the President, Professor Roly Sussex (

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