The English Speaking Union (QLD Branch)

The English-Speaking Union (ESU) is an international educational charity dedicated to promoting international understanding and human achievement through English. The ESU Queensland Branch is a non-for-profit organisation lead by a board, supported by members and volunteers and has an active program of events in support of its objectives. These include:

Public Speaking Competitions – Juniors and Seniors in both South East and North Queensland;
the annual Churchill lecture dinner and a series of cultural awareness conversations;
the Roly Sussex Short Story Competition
and more…



This one-day workshop will be packed with practical
sessions from leading practitioners to support, enhance
and develop public speaking skills in students Years 7-12,
equipping our next generation of leaders to use their
voices with convincing, confident clarity.
Students and teachers will partake in sessions on gaining
insight into a topic, excellent persuasion techniques,
developing verbal and non-verbal skills to take
presentations to the next level and confident impromptu
speaking skills.
PLACES ARE LIMITED. We hope to see you there!











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